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Sell With Us

Utilizing unprecedented resources, we will craft a unique and winning strategy to sell your real estate.

Now offering an unbeatable list-side commission.

Let us put our experience to work for you.


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More specialized resources, more value, and more compelling results.

Wilen is rewriting the rules and creating a superior sales model - for you. In the kaleidoscope of real estate, no two selling situations are identical, and we believe costs should not be either. With Wilen, you'll never have to make the daunting choice between exceptional service and exorbitant commissions & costs. We invite you to enjoy the best of both worlds as we work purposefully on your behalf.

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Market Leading Innovation

Simply listing a property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) no longer guarantees visibility to potential buyers. The key to successful marketing lies in a dynamic and personalized approach across various marketing channels. This shift is akin to marketing any product in today’s digital marketplace.

NONMLS.com allows us to systematically distribute real estate listings with a calculated multi-channel sequence through our propitiatory network allowing for a precise and compelling presentation of your property's distinctive value, all while dispelling misconceptions along the way. This is a glimmer into NONMLS.com data-driven network:

1MW.com, BurnsvilleHouses.com, LakeMinnetonkaGroup.com, MinnesotaForeclosures.com, MikeWilenGroup.com, IllinoisTeam.com, MinnesotaRealtyOffice.com, MinnesotaHomesRealEstate.com, LakeMinnetonkaRentals.com, BurnsvilleCondos.com, MikeWilenRealty.com, SaintAnthonyHomes.com, BlaineCondos.com, MikeWilen.com, NewYorkRealtyOffice.com, 1MWA.com, MikeWilenRealEstate.com, MinneapolisCondoGroup.com, MinneapolisNorthLoop.com, ILRET.com, TexasRealtyOffice.com, MikeWilenRealty.com, RichfieldTownhomes.com, MinneapolisForeclosures.com, MinnetristaHomes.com, FloridaRealtyOffice.com, ShakopeeHouses.com, MinneapolisForeclosures.com, MinnetristaHomes.com, FloridaRealtyOffice.com, ChicagoRealtyCapital.com, LakevilleHouses.com, SpringLakeParkRealEstate.com, LakeMinnetonkaHouses.com, MinnesotaRealEstateOffice.com, 1MWW.com, SaintLouisParkHouses.com, BurnsvilleTownhomes.com, SpringLakeParkHomes.com, NONMLS.com, LakeMinnetonkaTownhomes.com, GoldenValleyTownhomes.com, EaganCondos.com, MNRealEstateHomes.com, MaplePlainRealEstate.com, WilenTeam.com, WilenHomes.com, WilenRealEstate.com

As we embrace the future of real estate marketing through NONMLS.com, we do not forsake the tried-and-true methods that have served the industry well for years. We seamlessly integrate traditional MLS marketing with the cutting-edge capabilities of NONMLS.com, making the approach both innovative and inclusive. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) remains important, and we acknowledge its value in todays market.

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Mike Wilen

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Co-Founder Wilen Realty

700+ properties sold representing the seller - listing agent.

Marketing and sales of 30+ unit conversion development in Minneapolis.

Sales and marketing of 54+ unit development in Eden Prairie.

Sales and marketing of 20+ unit development in Western MN – “back from the brink".

Sales and marketing of 100-acre land re-configuration in Southern MN.

Sales and marketing of 130-unit condo conversion and development project in Minnetonka.

Successful county negotiations for a large-scale development, Western MN.

Successful easement negotiations at a city level for utilities.

Two successful city council presentations on behalf of national lenders.

Comprehensive configuration and plan allowing for a successful $10MM refinance in Zumbrota.

Brokered over 1,000 real estate-related domain names to successful acquisition.

Successful ICANN review approval for domain sales related to real estate.

Developed over 13 React / NextJS websites, several for high-production US agents.

Three large group speaking sessions on navigating foreclosure real estate.

Presidents Club - Exceptional Achievements.

Global Luxury - Solutions for Discerning Clientele.

Minnesota Homeownership Center - Purchasing a Foreclosure Series.

Assisted/assisting 35+ of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated lenders with REO.

300+ sales as listing agent of lender owned real estate.

1,000+ properties managed during and through eviction – lender owned.

10,000+ portfolio valuations for local and global lenders.

Development of MinnesotaForeclosures.com with backend management platform.

Development of MinneapolisForeclosures.com for marketing of local lender inventory.

Developed a technique to calculate loss severity percentages on lender loan pools.

Developed eviction processes, delinquency rates, crime statistics, timeframes, average property prices, conditions, and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) evaluations. T

Developed factual intrinsic analysis of real estate with potential for regulatory compliance.

Masterminded the development of several profoundly intuitive websites – still in use.

Development of real estate valuation advancements through API integration.

Media Recognition

Fox News - Super Bowl Rental

Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal - $2.6 Million Lake Minnetonka

Star Tribune - Seller’s Market

New York Times - Luxury Property Marketing

USA Today - Mississippi River Bluff New Construction

Wall Street Journal - Luxury Property Marketing

Twin Cities Business - Super Agent

St. Cloud Times - Victorian

Star Tribune - Queen Anne Residence

Netflix - Housing Special Western Minnesota

Mike Wilen, co-founder of Wilen Realty, is a distinguished leader and innovator in today's fiercely competitive real estate landscape. His journey commenced as a receptionist and swiftly propelled him to the role of a sales agent, achieving the remarkable feat of being ranked #2 in listings sold and becoming one of Minnesota's top-performing individual agents. Had the Minnesota-native chosen a different path, his unmistakable talent would likely have flourished in the world of tech. Mike possesses extensive expertise across a diverse range of property types, including single-family residential, condos, multifamily commercial properties, apartments, land, acute medical facilities, retail spaces, and industrial properties. Renowned among industry experts, he is frequently sought after for his unparalleled knowledge in an array of real estate financing matters, spanning the entire capital structure, encompassing standard conventional, FHA, USDA, corporate term loans, revolving credit, rehab, mezzanine, short-term bridge financing, credit lines, and balloon payment CDs.

Mike Wilen is recognized as a leader and innovator in Minnesota's highly competitive and demanding high-end real estate market. As the co-founder of Wilen Realty, Mike is responsible for heading up business development and sales.

Had the Minnesota-born Wilen chosen a profession other than real estate in which to make his name, it surely would have been in the world of tech. The Minneapolis native, raised on bluegrass and schooled in hard work, began his real estate career as a receptionist, where he was quickly promoted to a sales agent. Shortly after, he ranked as #2 in listings sold and emerged as one of the top-selling individual agents in Minnesota.

Mike's expertise spans a diverse array of property types, encompassing single-family residential, condos, multifamily commercial properties, apartments, land, acute medical facilities, retail spaces, and industrial properties. Widely renowned and consistently sought after for his encyclopedic knowledge of situational real estate matters and his comprehensive understanding of real estate finance, spanning the entire capital structure, including conventional, FHA, USDA, corporate term loans, revolving credit, rehab, mezzanine, short-term bridge financing, credit lines, and balloon payment CDs.

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Looking Ahead

Minnesota real estate transcends physical structures; it shapes the pulse of progress. It reflects the evolving desires of society, from towers to suburban homes.

The swift momentum of technological innovations has the potential to redefine property value propositions as remote work and online commerce modify conventional workspace and retail expectations.

Changing generational perspectives towards property ownership necessitate a fresh approach, aligning with values of flexibility, sustainability, and functionality rather than mere size or luxury.

Technological advancements open doors to smart, sustainable developments, while the allure of Minnesota's suburbs fuels alternative trends, promising robust growth.

Recent data from the Global Real Estate Institute underscores this potential, with the global market, valued at USD 3.7 trillion in 2022, projected to reach USD 4.3 trillion by 2025.*

Despite challenges like economic fluctuations, geopolitical tensions, and environmental concerns, the real estate sector has consistently demonstrated resilience.

Within these times, substantial opportunities will arise.

*2023 Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. State of the Nation’s Housing.